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Gator is a blue roan stallion that stands 15.1 and is homozygous black and roan.  He has been used extensively on the ranch, around and with other horses and is always a gentleman. He is also a handy heel horse, is super quick footed with endless athletic talent and ability. He is being started on the barrel and pole patterns and also in the ranch sorting pen. His foals carry on his solid bone, beautiful confirmation, athletic abilities, cow sense, good mind and quiet temperament. His sire (High Flyin Cat, By High Brow Cat) was on his way to an impressive career that was cut short due to an injury. Gator's pedigree includes many big-name horses with impressive show records in cutting, cowhorse and reining events that further back up his abilities and potential as a multi-event performance horse and sire himself.

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Stitch - Cowgirl Dual N Again

Stitch is one of those once-in-a-lifetime horses standing 14.3H that everyone wants in their barn. She has a fabulous handle, is fancy broke with all of the buttons and has the sweetest personality to go along. She was stared in cutting, loves to work a cow, has been roped off of, tracks the steer saver, has been started heeling and is a rockstar in the ranch sorting pen.  She is out of a proven sire who has a money earning career in the cutting pen and who, himself, is out of knockout bloodlines! She is bred for a 2023 foal.

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Gi Gi - Flashthatglitterngold

GiGi is a very well put together mare standing at 15.1H with a special flare and fire that sets her apart. She was bred to run and hunt a cow and LOVES to do both! She has a solid start in the sorting pen, is tracking the steer saver, has had the rope thrown off her and is recently started on the barrel and pole pattern. She will be started on heading and heeling and is expected to be dynamite! Her sire is a money-earning, proven head horse with strong, running-bred parentage. To top it off, her cow breeding needs no introduction! Adding the speed to the proven cow-bred bloodlines, there is promise and potential in everything she does and is going to do! 

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Fiona - Miss Western Dual

Fiona is a sweet little 14.1H mare with the kindest temperament and best manners. Her athletic abilities are outstanding, she is catty and quick footed, super fun working cattle and in the sorting pen. She has been roped and ranched off of, is rating beautifully on the steer saver and will be started on heeling and patterning for barrels and poles. Her papers back up her ability to work cattle with multiple impressive performance horses included in her pedigree with titles in all arena working and cow events. Her potential is endless and can be seen in just how she moves and carries herself.

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Flirt - Double Hollywood Dun

Flirt is short and sweet at 14H! She has a motor that you would never expect and is so quick and catty, she will leave you in the dirt if you are not ready to work a cow! She has been roped off of, worked a feed lot and ranch and is super fun in a sorting pen. In the right hands earlier in life she would have made a dynamite cutter or cowhorse. Her pedigree alone is impressive, stacked with reining, working cowhorse and cutting champions, national champions and Hall-of-Famers. Flirt is bred for a 2023 foal.

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Cindy - Cashed Out Halo

Cindy is a correct, athletic running bred mare standing at 15.1H whose promising career was cut short. She was successful in barrel futurities and had it not been for her injury, she would have continued to be shown with a very promising future. She was lucky to survive her accident and now she just gets to be a beautiful Mama! Her breeding is stacked with such high-powered run that needs no introduction! She is bred for a 2023 foal.

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Juice - Chics Steady Piker

Juice is a beautifully built 15H mare that started her career in the cowhorse world but was sold before she could make a name for herself. Her buyers were unable to continue her training so she was used on the ranch, roped off of, was used in ranch sorting, is tracking the steer saver and is being started on heeling, barrels and poles. She is super athletic and catty, CRAZY cowy and willing to do anything you ask her to do. Her pedigree consists of reining, cowhorse and cutting champions and national champions mixed with record setting, ROM earning running horses to create the best of both worlds! She is bred for a 2023 foal.

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Stretch - Smokes Little Joan

Stretch is a beautiful, leggy 15.1H mare bred with cow and run, a big personality, LOTS of fire and is fun to ride! She recently joined our family and is already learning that she really likes to work cows, is taking to the barrel and pole patterns as if it's second nature and thinks it's fun to track the steer saver.  She is very trainable, willing and picks up new events and direction with interest aSZXSZAZnd fire. She will continue to learn to work cattle, roping, patterning for barrels and poles, ranch sorting and trail riding.  Her pedigree includes proven champions, record setters and money-earners in cutting, reining and cowhorse events along with old running blood that adds to her abilities and potential. She is bred for a 2023 foal.

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Little Bay - Babes Kit Kat

Little Bay is a cute, cowy, compact 14.1H little mare. She was quite the firecracker in her glory days. She had a career in cutting and ranch sorting and would still be ranch sorting and started in heeling had her riding career not been cut short due to an injury. Her foals carry on her compact little body and seem to be very quick and catty just like her! Now she gets to be a happy little Mama! Her breeding includes foundation breeding including national champions and Hall-of-Famers in cutting, reining and cowhorse events. She is bred for a 2023 foal.

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Charlie - Isle Keep the Luv

Charlie stands 16H and has a soft, kind personality. She is one that will do anything that anyone asked of her, as fast or slow as you wanted her to, weather you knew what you were doing or not. She was awesome on difficult trails and as big as she was, she liked to ranch sort and work cattle. She could have done much more in her life had she been in different hands earlier on. Charlie is retired now and living the good life hauling littles around. Her dam had her arena ROM and her sire was a futurity winner and sire to AQHA world qualifiers, ROM earners and futurity champions. We expect her foals to be knockout head horse prospects. 

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Spyder - Grade 

Spyder is a cute, cute, cute little 14H mare with a no-quit mentality. She is by a finished and proven cutting sire, TS Irish Whiskey, and out of a Welsh Cob mare that was as safe and tough as the day is long. She is about as thick made as they come, as cute as a button and as sweet as candy. She has been used on the ranch and ridden by adults and children. We expect her foals to be dynamite little youth rodeo and all-around stock horse prospects.  She is bred for a 2023 foal.

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Oatmeal - Grade - Double Mint Shine

Oatmeal is one of those all-around, go-to mares that is so solid, anyone can ride her. She stands 15.3H and is built nice and correct. She is bombproof with a good mind, has ridden trails and parades and could have done much more in different hands. She is only able to handle very light riding due to an injury so now she gets to live the good life and raise beautiful babies! We expect her foals to be excellent head horse prospects. Her pedigree includes foundation-bred run and cow-bred horses, Hall-of-Famers and national champions in multiple events, making her offspring versatile and athletic. She is bred for a 2023 foal.

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